Monthly Archives: April 2014

I’ve got a little list!

Four months retired and I am at last feeling more settled in this new role. It has been so ‘disconcerting’. The lack of discipline in my days has not suited at all. I still get up nice and early. And have loads and loads to do. But getting down to getting things done has alluded me often. It has been crisis management mostly. And things with an ill defined deadline have been totally left. Like my book. And my article on social media.


I hope I have moved on. Would you believe it the way I am sorting myself out is to have a to do book. Thanks Raymond! Each day I am writing a to do achievable list for the next day. And the pleasure of crossing things off is unbelievably sweet. Doesn’t mean I achieve every day but I do more often than not. Sunday I decided to try baking scones. A first for me. Turned out perfectly edible. It was also Mothering Sunday and I got unexpected visitors in the afternoon. So almost nothing got crossed off. The title of that list changed from Sunday to Monday! Yesterday was a lovely Spring day. I spent quite a bit of time doing what I had always anticipated I would do (when I was actually old enough to retire) – I sat on my garden swing, let the sun warm my skin and knitted!! But I crossed lots off my list just the same because I felt a sense of discipline and considered those to be my coffee and lunch breaks.

So my intention to blog about retirement has to date not happened. But it is on my perpetual list and hopefully this is the beginning of that diary!!

I’ve got me on the list!!