A pampering outing to Turnberry 2012

In January this year the majority of my colleagues and myself had an overnight stay at Turnberry. We met and partook of coffee in the lounge and were enthralled by timers to perfect the amount of time the tea bags stayed in the boiling water. I had jasmine tea. Not very long afterwards we had a very pleasant lunch. We¬† then pampered ourselves with a few hours in the spa including a ‘treatment’ – mine was a full body aromatherapy massage. Glorious!! After a leisurely afternoon, we dressed ourselves up in our posh frocks and met for drinks in one of our rooms. Dinner was taken in the Ailsa bar. Helen and I had a night cap, at great expense, before having a very good nights sleep in luxurious beds.Next morning we all met up again for a leisurely breakfast which lasted from 9.30 til almost midday for some of us. Time then to finish and take our leave. Until next January. Thinking of trying Gleneagles!!Slide show herehttp://t.co/5NJIoCo7

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