Day 9 – Bishkek and posh frock…..again.

Our yurt!

Not a bad night. A certain little Amir stirred several times but very quickly went to sleep again. He was up at 7 though so an early start for us all.

Breakfast in the big yurt and then back to Bishkek.

Fairytale canyon

The original plan was to visit a local majestic formation in the mountains, the fairy tale canyon, but unfortunately Sultan had to fly to Tajikistan that afternoon, and we needed to get back for the children getting out of school.

So we retraced our steps and travelled to the intersection of the north and south roads around Lake Issyk-kul to pick up Aina’s Mum. We stopped for second breakfast at a local spotless cafe for coffee and a break before the longer drive to Bishkek. The mountains had more snow on them today.

The children were delighted to see Mum and we were then reminded that we had been invited to a second reception with the U.K. ambassador at a local hotel. So the posh frock came out again. And we met up with the pipe band and Highland games athletes once again. We were delighted to see the young Highland fling dancer demonstrated the sword dance.

UK ‘athletes’ demonstrating once again at the Ambassador’s reception.

We also met several people we had seen at the previous reception and got into conversation with the Chief Executive of a local tour company about the potential that Kyrgyzstan has in the tourist market. As a result we were invited out for lunch next day to discuss this more!

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