The Star Flyer

Missed my usual diary writing time at the helm. Slept in!! The first night on board was pretty rough and my body kept lifting off the bed. That plus the heat in the cabin prevented a decent sleep.

So I missed that magic part of the day when noone is up other than me and the crew….

So we made the departure of the flyer. Landed in Lisbon on time and into a warm sunny day. Quickly through passport control we went to find a taxi to get us to the Star Flyer in time for departure. Lisbon was your typical sprawl of a European city.

Ian’s first impression of the Flyer was that it was smaller than expected.

Arrived on board in time to hear half of the cruise directors welcome speech accompanied of course by the usual sweet cocktail. A few familiar faces amongst the crew. Captain Bruno from the Panama trip. The rigger who made my bracelet. Godwin, Danny, Daniel and Ashton.

Took Ian on a tour of the ship. Went to cabin which was tidy but perfectly OK. No intention of being in it except to sleep. Unpacked and then realised that it was dinner time already. A buffet was on offer due to the late departure of the Flyer, a decision made because of the number of people delayed by volcanic ash…

Sat next to an Australian couple and as usual set the world to rights.

Quiet evening in the bar.

So… after sleeping in… got up and had breakfast. A quick cuppa  and a couple of croissants as it was 0840!! Then got ourselves ready for the lifeboat drill. Back to the cabin to grab the life jackets and wait for the warning sirens. Up on deck to the muster point where we had a roll call. Gave us a chance to count the number of passengers which numbered no more than 60!!

One woman who had looked a bit… interesting… at dinner the previous night did not turn up for the life boat drill and had to be fetched. How embarassing!! She didnt look as if she cared mind. Then had the usual safety speel and had a short period of time to dump our life jackets back in the cabin before the welcome from the captain.

Captain was in fine form but there was no sign of Ian. He had been experiencing a touch of mal de mere. Went looking for him after the welcome parade and found him on the bridge talking to another passenger. He hadn’t realised he was mssing anything.

Spent the rest of the warm morning lazing around on deck soaking up the spring sun, checking on mum occasionally who was in the ‘office’ and touching base with Ian. Who was fast asleep!!

Ate lunch, lovely as always, and then off on a jeep safari in Portimao, the second largest resort after Faro on the Algarve.


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