Monthly Archives: September 2015


i got a real treat today. Emma was unwell and asked if I could go with Becky for a Peeps session. She had no idea what this was but it was a chance to spend some time watching how well she is settling into nursery.

 Becky is 3 already; how did that happen?

Anyway, I needed no persuasion! Having been away for twelve days, I was missing my beautiful grandchildren. I was there early. To a wonderful welcome! Nana shouts Becky. And little Evie with her wonderful little smile, just fell into my arms for a cuddle. For about half an hour!!

So off we trotted to nursery! Not very many children. Maybe 8? 10? Plus half a dozen parents. And one Nana! Becky signed in. Chose her activities. Then there was a wee chat, around nursery rhymes, about hand washing. Becky joined in quietly.

Then the Mums were invited for a chat about food budgeting. Peeps it seems stands for Parents early years education programme. ┬áTesco had supplied three baskets of food. One full of well known brands, one Tesco brands and one of Tescos value brand. We were then given a tutorial on checking labels cos sometimes the well known brands have more sugar or salt. Also kids won’t know difference between real and value weetabix and the like! Then we were invited to share a snack like the children, toast and bananas. Unfortunately I had to leave at that point.

But Peeps will continue. Apparently this is a new initiative both encouraging parents to learn together, and actually educating.