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Two weeks ago, we were honoured to host Razan from Palestine through Host UK. Razan is a student here in the UK and came to stay with us to be introduced to the Scottish culture. She got a bit of the English culture also, needless to say. She enjoyed our food, but enticed us with descriptions of her own types of food. So today I am trying Makloubeh. This is a layered one pot rice dish with chicken and vegetables. Having read over a number of very different recipes, I am adapting one to our taste. Cauliflower features in most versions. Ian does NOT like cauliflower. Note the emphasis. So other dishes use aubergine. None to be had in the shops this morning. So we are having chicken layered with carrots, potatoes, onions and broccoli for colour. How to cook these, what spices to use, also differs from recipe to recipe so….

Caramelise onions with chopped garlic and keep warm in oven. Roast slices of veg in oven. Brown chicken strips and add level tsp allspice, quarter tsp cinnamon, three cardamom pods with water and simmer til cooked. Now line saucepan with chicken, sprinkle with onions, then veg, then uncooked basmati rice. Cover all with water in which chicken has cooked, adding a little more water if required to half inch above rice. Simmer gently til rice cooked. Rest for a while. Then turn out so rice at base onto plate. Serve with plain yoghurt and a side salad.

We will see how this works!