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A frustrating day

Most of the day spent in class with the second years. teaching decision making and cultural issues. Disappointed to learn that the students are regularly expected to put women’s feet on the hips in the second stage. and directed pushing is also the norm for low risk women. Had a fun session on culture talking about the differences between the scots….and the English!! As well as the ethnic minorities. Students have group work to do putting together a website with information on their ethnic group. Expecting some interesting results and had no shortage of volunteers to take change oh the IT required.
The afternoon was turned over to the Jehovah’s witnesses who come to make the case, and offer the solutions, to the issue of women not accepting blood. Few technical problems but got there in the end. When I arrived they were being asked lots of theological questions when they put their emphasis on the medical relevance of their beliefs.
Whilst they were in class I made an attempt to deal with all the admin that was building up. Never got far as I received an email telling me I needed to submit more documentation for approval of my tiny research project. So many pieces of paper to complete to be allowed to ask consenting adults questions in a focus group.