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A week of firsts, part two

So….no internet and no tv. But no time for either really. Tuesday saw a trip back to Paisley to invigilate at the exams. This time I was overseeing students in the computer labs. Just two in each session, requiring more time and a computer in order to complete the exam paper. We really do try to support those requiring extra help with writing!

But the other really interesting first time experience of the week, was my Role Specific Training as a Commonwealth Games volunteer. A Clydesider!!

Off to Glasgow for an 8 am start and a ten hour day. And it was a busy ten hours. I was late – trouble parking but we are assured parking will be easier at the time as local businesses are on holiday. I will try harder next time.

I am a T2 driver! They describe this as providing a superior VIP limousine service. So the first few sessions covered our role, how it fits in with the rest of the teams and we were then divided into groups to go over – using the radios – great fun! Control, control this is bravo 321 over, the sat nav which we are to ignore generally as we have to follow the prescribed Games Road Network, etiquette and politeness and how to drive safely! This took the entire morning. A quick lunch, beautifully organised and with choices that would suit all. Then out in the cars.

I thought we would go out with the many experienced people in attendance. But no. Divided into threes and handed the keys and paperwork and a route between the various venues in use during the Games. I happened to be sitting next to a colleague from GTCS so he and I were accompanied by another guy to take turns driving, navigating and being the radio op.

What fun! Thought I knew Glasgow. No way! And following the approved route when the sat nav said otherwise was…..challenging! We had about three hours on the road before being recalled to base. This on a busy Friday afternoon in Glasgow compounded by a fire in the city centre which turned out to be The Art School. But it was fun. On our return, a debriefing, a reassurance that we would get more practice on our next day of training and our own A-Z specially overlaid with Commonwealth Games and we were sent on our way. I have 17 shifts over the games starting at various times from early morning to mid afternoon to late evening. There will be a lot of hanging about by the sound of it. Need to take my knitting with me.

So home. But actually not home! Off to babysit with Becky. Lovely evening. Need I say more. Home very late.

A week of firsts … And surprises

Settling in nicely to this retirement lark! I even have a whole week of almost nothing in my diary next week before my trip to Prague ….. And am not feeling stressed out! But this week was quite different. Seemed to pack an awful lot into it and started new projects and new experiences.

The week started with a new experience. For what seems like months, I have been training with the Red Cross to be 1. A Community Based First Aid (CBFA ) educator 2. An events first Aider. Lots of workshops. The obvious first aid classes but also Moving and Handling, Protection of Vulnerable Adults, Children, CALMER which is basically psychological care of self and others, and induction into the Red Cross. On Monday I had my first CBFA teaching session. A full day with about 8 others at a secondary school in Glasgow. Fourth years. Early start – had to be there for 8.45. Didn’t help that phone sat nav took me to a dead end and told me to turn left! Luckily I could see the school from there so followed my own navigational instincts and found my way into the school. Reception were a bit unfriendly. And unhelpful. But once the actual teacher was found, all was very friendly. We were being split into five groups with up to 22 boys and girls in each. I was working with a very experienced educator, thank goodness, as I had no idea how these sessions were delivered. I mostly sat and watched and played patient. Ready to do the next one myself although I would introduce far more student led sessions. It was a bit chalk and talk! The kids were so funny though. Boys with total disinterest on their faces – but obviously listening because they were often the ones to answer the what do you do next questions. The girls more bothered about make up and short skirts than carrying out CPR properly. But again they proved to be interested and interesting once they got to know us. They all evaluated us well!

So home, once again getting lost. To an amazing thunderstorm! At 5pm it was sunny. At six the lightning crawled all around Troon and the thunder circled us. For almost three hours. It was very impressive. Not one to fear nature so enjoyed watching it and ventured out in my car at one point to feed my daughters cat. However the thunderstorm caused a bit of a disaster. As the final huge lightening strike lit up the sky our tv went bang, never to show life again. And even worse our internet went down! No tv, and no internet. Had to take up knitting!! still without a TV five days later but the internet sorted itself out. Thank goodness.