Evading the volcano

Wednesday 21st April

I am on a plane!! Loathe to start this diary til now because yesterday I had rated our chances of boarding the Flyer at less than 0%

So the history. A volcano erupted last Thursday and UK air space was closed. Ever optimistic I assumed all would sort itself out but by the weekend the situation had got worse and yesterday morning saw me on the phone for over an hour clarifying things from an insurance perspective. The long and the short of it was that we needed to make every attempts to reach Heathrow on the off chance that our plane flew.

So… we cancelled yesterday’s working day, packed a mixture of cruise and other clothes and went off to catch a train to Heathrow.

Whilst on route we heard that our flight had been definitely cancelled.

It was a pleasant journey and we met Mum at our hotel where we had a lovely meal. Over the meal we made plans for the following day proposing to go back to Mum’s and watch cricket. I needed my mobile to ckeck train times so I went off to my room…. As I walked past the huge TV in the lounge bar I heard that flights were due to recommence at 10pm over the UK!!!!

Collected my mobile!! and went down to break the news to Mum and Ian. Checked with BA.com and there was no offer of a later flight than the one we were originally booked on.

Tried ringing – no answer…

Went down to the terminal – closed….Spoke to an airport official – advised to ring and keep on ringing… Given an alternative phone number which opened at 6am. Went to bed.


Awoke and prepared to start phoning. Spent 75 minutes on hold and then got a lovely lady who booked us on a later flight, and, after a mad dash to wake up Mum, also changed her booking!!

So a leisurely breakfast and a wee sleep for me and off to the airport at midday. Still very quiet so no delay at the airport.Sent Mum off to the business lounge and then went to look for lunch. Arrived at the gate in good time and then had a frantic panic cos mother had not arrived. She was the last passenger to arrive and they were threatening to leave her behind. On to the plane.

A little late leaving, 20 mins, waiting for a slot. Strange when you think how many planes were cancelled!!


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