A pretty place. Crowded with hotels and condominiums. Taken into the mountains behind Portimao, with lots of accompanying botanical info.

Very few houses or villages to be seen but lovely lush green scenery. Bet that changes in summer!!

Eventually stopped at a village called Monchique where we had a wander for half an hour.

Found Tony the Welshmans Chocolate and Sweet shop and bought some Hall’s soothers and drinks. And got money eventually from a bank hidden at the top of the village – literally…

Then got back into the jeep and went off to find some firewater and honey. This was on a farm. Mum declined to get out of the jeep – two couple had bagged the forward facing seats and didn’t seem to appreciate mum’s difficulties hanging on to the uprights in the back of the jeep – so the jeep driver drove the jeep down to the wine tasting barn so that she could join in.

Moved on to a handicrafts place and then back to the Flyer.


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