So today I did my first ever bag packing for a charity.

That will be the last time I go out for coffee with Gill!

It was quite an experience actually. I thought I knew a lot of people in Troon but hardly saw a soul I knew!

It was for the charity the RNLI for whom my friend  Gill is a very active volunteer. They  were looking for people for the 12 till 2 slot so I thought, why not!

Fascinating seeing what people buy when they go shopping although generally I must say that they seem to be quite healthy eaters here in Troon. There was only one family who packed 120 quid’s worth of full fat cans of fizzy juice, chocolate, high-fat meals like pies and pakora and thousands of packets of crisps into the trolley.  Everyone else had a pretty fair trolley full. Although a lot of booze was included.

People were really generous; two people gave me 5 pound notes to put in the box.  Apparently the last time they did this they raised over £1000 so it’s pretty well worth the effort.

I told them to call me again if they do another bag packing as it really was quite fun!

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