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Woman athletes at WNG two years ago

So we are off on a holiday with a difference. Kyrgyzstan and the World Nomad Games! (Thank goodness for predictive text – I could try a dozen times and spell that name incorrectly!)

One of the ways Ian and I pass the long weary hours of retirement is to host international students via the charity Host UK.

Eating Scottish ice cream in Arran

Two years ago we welcomed Aina and Altynai from Kyrgyzstan for the weekend.

They are now returning the favour! Not that we ever expect this when we welcome these students to our home, but we do often keep in touch. Thus it was with Aina so we were absolutely delighted when she invited us to her country a few months ago.

It’s going to be a real adventure; we have bought our plane tickets but outside that we know nothing about the arrangements. I know we are staying in Aina’s home in Bishkek. I know we are visiting lakes and mountains. I know we are staying in a yurt at some time. And I know we have great seats at the Opening Ceremony at the Games. But that’s it!

This doesn’t sit all that comfortably with me but what the heck.

Live life to the full!