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Time to update this website!

Four years since I posted to this website. Such a lot has happened since then. A pandemic, a cancer diagnosis, new friends, new groups and still I am useful for my social media passions.
Do people use websites anymore? Should I discard this and stick to Facebook, Twitter, Insta and TikTok? I kid. I do not TikTok – in the words of Claudia Winkleman (Strictly) whatever that is……

Visit to Edinburgh

Spent a lovely day yesterday visiting my son Andrew, his wife Emma and my granddaughter Becky. What a lovely family. And what a delight my granddaughter is. I cannot wait to have her to myself occasionally by minding her whilst mum and dad go to work. She is such a rounded wee girl for 7 months. Obviously content with life. Always smiling even when getting tired. Lots of laughs and giggles. Happy and keen to play with anything and keep herself amused. Sitting up confidently on her own, most of the time but desperate to walk. Strides out when held upright. A delight!!!

We spent a number of hours there and were looked after very well. Lovely lunch supplied by Andrew. Good conversation. Discussed the books by Julia Donaldson including Monkey Business which Grandpa Ian and Nana read out to everybody’s amusement. Including Becky!

Wish they lived closer….